AreaList Pro v9.7b1 available

New features and bug fixes

e-Node released a new version of AreaList Pro.

Download link for AreaList Pro 9.7b1


Advanced properties dialog:

  • field mode setup checks tables and fields validity, if invalid notifies the developer and updates the preview area
  • new “Auto snap last column” checkbox on the “General Options” tab
  • new “Auto resize column” checkbox on the “General Options” tab (+visible field to set the column if checked)
  • only one of the two checkboxes above can be checked
  • modified button text in the “Selection” unit on the “General Options” tab
  • modified “Entry mode” section in the “Enterability” tab (with 2 new options)
  • new “Reported event” section in the “Enterability” tab (with 1 new option)

Added support for a footer row when exporting an
AreaList Pro area as a SuperReport Pro

  • report (requires SuperReport Pro 3.1.2b3 or higher)
  • modified code and TableReport.xml template

Added a new property for leaving cursor as is when over the area

  • category: Area
  • name: ALP_Area_DontSetCursor
  • value: “DSCU”
  • type: bool
  • access: read / write, but not persistent
  • default: 0 (False)
  • usage: when set, ALP will not set the cursor (the cell entry widget is not affected, it maintains the cursor on his own)

Bug fixes

  • fixed persistency of ALP_Area_AutoResizeColumn
  • fixed persistency of internal compatibility width (to automatically handle fixed columns size exactly fitting the area – AreaList Pro version 9 draws focus and frame inside the area and thus the space is smaller; ALP_Area_AutoSnapLastColumn is turned on in such case)
  • when the grid is set, ALP_Area_ColumnLock is reset (to reset ALP_Column_Locked property of all columns – to scroll properly)
  • when a property of a cell is to be modified using the old API and there are no rows (and thus cell does not exist – row number too high), the header is no longer
    modified (row =0)
  • when a column width is changed due to automatic sizing, the row heights are adjusted as needed
  • when a field’s column has to be added and the field does not exist, no runtime error is displayed by 4D (column not added to the area)