Active4D v6.1

New native JSON capabilites

Aparajita Fishman announced (recently) Active4D v6.1, a new feature release that adds native JSON capabilities, making Active4D even more powerful.

The existing a4d.json library has been converted to a new suite of native JSON commands. Converting data to JSON is now 24x to 40x faster than the a4d.json methods, and JSON parsing is now 50x faster! The a4d.json library has now been reimplemented as a thin wrapper around the native commands, so it gains all of their speed.

In addition to the great new JSON features, there are new security features as well. Support has been added for the Secure and HttpOnly attributes of cookies, and session cookies are now marked HttpOnly to help protect against XSS attacks.

Active4D v6.1 is a free upgrade for those whose licenses are up to date, but they must request a new license key at

For non-up to date licensees, or for users of versions prior to v6, the upgrade cost is $270.

For more information, go to



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