SuperReport Pro v3.2 beta 1

Some fixes and fights with fontsChanges since SuperReport Pro 3.1.2b3:

  • changed fonts in the dialogs works on Win7 and OSX 10.9.1
  • changed font popups on Mac FONT LIST with * is used to get font names, Bold & Italic/Oblique are filtered
  •         this is not perfect esp. on Mac localized font names are returned by 4D…
  • font panel (Mac) returns font name, not family name
  • fixed font chooser (Win) initialization (to correctly select font weight and to correctly compute the font size)
  • fixed serious bug in script execution empty case statement was executing code of the next case statement
  •         Case of
  •                 : (True)        // should continue on line after End Case
  •                 : (False)       // but continues on next line
  •                         ALERT (“Bug!”)
  •         End Case
  • fixed various menu items not setting the defaults e.g. no object is selected, changing font size does not set the default font size (only toolbar items were setting the defaults)
  • change font size increase/decrease to step by one point, not by 25% of current size
  • fixed constant name SRP_Header_TextColor (was SRP_Header_HeaderColor)
  • added constants for Table’s footer objects (SRP_Footer_@ identical to corresponding SRP_Header_@)

GDI plus (used by SRP on Windows) does not support OTF fonts…

Download the latest beta.