4D v14.1 – Downloads

After a long day waiting, the downloads arrived

4D worked day and night  to push the download links forward. No more waiting, you can go straight to the download page and get your copy of 4D v14.1, the current flag ship product.

Ourself, we will start to deliver updated and new products using v14.1 – if the customer has the right hardware and OS for it.

Just 3 weeks ago 4D announced a ‘continuous delievery program‘. In short, if you are a developer with a Silver/Gold Partner Contract or a customer with maintenance contract,  you will get the intermediate releases. The new term for is “R” releases, like ‘4D v14.1 R2’. These releases will cover new features. No more waiting for the next major release, like ‘4D v15’.

No maintenance contract nor developer? Then you can download the “non-R” releases with the bug fixes only.

In general a good idea, I like it. The only downside is, it will add a layer of complexity to the distribution process. You will need to keep an eye on your customers and don’t install new features until they are able use them properly (means: licensed).

Hard to imagine if there will be someday different serial numbers — oh no! Why not just switching to a yearly leasing system? Pay the lease to get new versions or stay forever with your current version. Want to re-activate it later? Pay the missed leases or by a new copy, depends on the cheaper solution.

…and one more little thing: 4D talk to the world – you have an awesome product and it’s hidden too well. If I look at the current marketing activities, the camouflage is perfect!