4D Interpreter FootRunner Gold v14 released

Footprints is pleased to announce FootRunner Gold v14, which has been updated for compatibility with 4D v14.

FootRunner Gold v14 works with:
* 4D v14 (Mac / Win32 / Win64)
* 4D v13 (Mac / Win32 / Win64)
* 4D v12 (Mac / Win32 / Win64)

You can download this latest edition of FootRunner Gold from our web site:

FootRunner Gold is our inline code interpreter for 4D, allowing execution of 4D code from scripts, even in a compiled or built 4D application. See our web site for details. We here at Footprints rely on FootRunner Gold every day for all our customers.

Scott Gelvin
Footprints, Inc.
4D specialists since 1987