Birthday gifts from e-node

15 years and giving away (nearly) free plugin licences

e-Node was founded on Apr 8, 1999 to provide 4D developers with a single, common access to third party plug-in and tools.
Over these years e-Node has become the main 4D plugin publisher worldwide. To celebrate this 15th anniversary we have decided to offer you a unique opportunity to discover or re-discover the two major tools that will turn your 4D environment into a full professional SDK:

AreaList Pro and SuperReport Pro for just 1 € each – until April 15, 2014
These are single user licenses for both plugins. They will work interpreted or compiled, MacOS or Windows and will give you access to the power of both leading 4D plugins.

In order to benefit from this offer, go to and then enter the promotion code “happy15” upon ordering your single user licenses.

15th anniversary giveaway one euro licenses are limited to one AreaList Pro and one SuperReport Pro single user licenses per company or free-lance developer. These licenses are not exchangeable and non upgradable.

AreaList Pro
With thousands of users around the world AreaList Pro is the #1 best seller plug-in for 4D, used by most top professionals and publishers.
Its 50 commands and over 400 properties provide capabilities not available in native 4D (including ListBoxes) to display fields or arrays and interact with the user, with full control over data entry and display.
AreaList Pro is rock solid, feature requests are implemented in weeks and bugs if any usually last a few days.

SuperReport Pro
SuperReport Pro is the most powerful reporting tool for 4th Dimension. Let your users create and edit their own reports without having to modify your 4D code or recompile your application.

It only takes two lines of code to print an AreaList Pro area with SuperReport Pro.

The single user license allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, except merged) on 4D Standalone or 4D SQL Desktop.
Since the registration key is linked to a specific 4D license, you need to provide the number returned by the “Copy” or “eMail” buttons from the plugin demonstration mode alert
(this number is actually the 4D command GET SERIAL INFORMATION first parameter).

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