AreaList Pro 9.8mc1 – catching up with 4D v14

4D v14 moves fast

e-Node_Featured024D v14 (14.1, 14.1 Nightly Builds,  14 R1, 14 R2, upcoming 14 R3) is lately entertaining the developers a lot. So it is good to understand which nightmares plugin developers might have.

e-node tries to catch up and released the AreaListPro  9.8mc1 for its beta testers:

  • Improved compatibility with 4Dv14
  • Popups windows open on screen (could overlap the host window boundaries)
  • Removed scrolling to the top on AL_UpdateArrays (-2)
    Added old AreaList Pro v8 feature: sort order button above the vertical scroll bar
 when both ALP_Area_HeaderMode and ALP_Area_ShowSortIndicator are not zero, 
it will be shown
  • Windows: when during entry 4D does not send deselect event on switching to another application, AreaList Pro restores the focus once switched back

AreaList Pro 9.8 master candidate 1 is now available at:

Check out the changes in the Release notes: