4D Open Source: ‘4DAppBuilder Pro’

Walt Nelson (Manila) continues to improve it.

4dmentor.comWalt said, we have always had Open Source in the 4D community: developers generously sharing code and components.  But the purpose of the Open-Source Code Sharing Initiative is to formalize the process: to provide a single place where developers can go to download shared code, and to upload code that they want to share.

Walt ‘started the ball rolling’ with 4DAPPBUILDER PRO 14.1, an open-source Development Framework based on 4D version 14.1.
If you have wanted to get off to a running start with v14, a good way is to do that is to study the code in 4DAPPBUILDER PRO 14.1.
It includes the latest 4D enhancements to:

  • Listbox procedural control
  • Menu management
  • Hierarchical List management
  • Object naming
  • Structure Object Access
  • Localization (XLIFF Files)
  • Graphics in the Resources Folder
  • SQL in 4D
  • and many more.

To download 4DAPPBUILDER PRO 14.1, and to learn how you can participate in
this open-source code sharing initiative, just visit 4DAppBuilderPro site.