AreaList Pro v9.8mc4

Available for beta testing

eNode, France


AreaList Pro is a  (longtime, since 1994) plugin for 4th Dimension which makes it possible for you to create dynamic, feature-rich scrolling list areas on 4D forms.

AreaList Pro 9.8 master candidate 1 is now available at:

  • Version 9.8 mc4
    * Changed behavior of Copy and Drag&Drop:
    when ALP_Area_SelType is zero (row selection), ALP_Area_SelMultiple is 1 and ALP_AreaHideHeaders is zero, the headers are copied, too
  • Version 9.8 mc3
    Added Home, End, Page up and Page down keys to the accepted keys when an entry filter is used:
    These shortcuts may produce different results depending on the OS used and 4D versions
    * On MacOS, should always work: 4D gets the key down – depending on 4D version, the text area will scroll, too (v14: yes, v12: no)
    * On Windows, 4D does not get the keys (except Page up and Page down when editing a non-text cell, e.g. real number)
    * Renamed constant ALP_Area_EditFirstClickMode (from 9.8 b1) to ALP_Area_EntryFirstClickMode
  • Version 9.8 mc2
    * Fixed the strike-through line position on Windows when ALP_Area_WindowsText is zero (using GDI+)
  • Version 9.8 mc1
    * Improved compatibility with 4D v14
    * Popups windows open on screen (could overlap the host window boundaries)
    * Removed scrolling to the top on AL_UpdateArrays (-2)
    * Added old AreaList Pro v8 feature: sort order button above the vertical scrollbar
    * When both ALP_Area_HeaderMode and ALP_Area_ShowSortIndicator are not zero, 
it will be shown
    * Windows: when during entry 4D does not send deselect event on switching to another application, AreaList Pro restores the focus once switched back.

AreaList Pro version 9.x is compatible with 4th Dimension v11, v12, v13, v14 and above, for both MacOS and Windows.