PrintList Pro v5.2

If you thought printing listboxes in 4D is enough, read on…

eNode, France
PrintList Pro is an easy-to-use tool for printing arrays and records on 4th Dimension (4D) layouts.

As with AreaList Pro, PrintList Pro provides capabilities not available in native 4D, such as automatic column sizing, custom formatting, robust break level processing, calculated columns and more (like variable line hight for each line…).

PrintList Pro is the perfect complement to the AreaList Pro best seller plugin, providing a full-featured plug-in which can be used to print columns of data. You can use PrintList Pro for any standard columnar output (arrays or fields, calculated columns) and it be configured to easily print an AreaList Pro object – retaining all formatting features.

Version 5.x is a full rewrite including Unicode mode, compatibility with AreaList Pro v9, 4D v11, v12, v13, v14 and above, with exciting new features.

Version 5.2 brings new features, fixes and improved compatibility with 4D v14.

PrintList Pro v5.2 is now available at

This release is a free upgrade from v4.7 and above.