Active4D v6.1r6

Pro-Tool for website development

If you ever played with the idea having a web interface for your 4D database – Active4D is definitely the way to go. It’s easy to setup, its session handling works like a charm – more important: everything is programmed in the 4D language.

The biggest plus compared to the 4D’s own html-tags is, beside a small shell, everything is stored outside 4D (in the html pages and libraries) as text (can you spell GIT…). No need to recompile the 4D server for small changes on the website or a new function.

Maybe I should do a little demo…. someday. 🙂

Active4D v6.1r6 fixes an obscure problem with non-ASCII characters in the database path on  Windows (we call this here the ‘thick-finger-problem’).

A new feature is the support for BLOB and TIME arrays, introduced by 4D in 4D v14.

As usual, download the current version from – do I need to mention the developer version is free?