AreaList Pro v9.8 released

User interface enhanced and new features

Plugins for 4DAreaList Pro is a (longtime) grid tool for 4D databases. It provides a lot of features (like variable line height for each individual row) not available in the native 4D Listbox. It is around since the early 90’s and seems to stay for a long time.

Main new features in version 9.8

  • Copy and Drag & Drop: the headers are copied, too New plugin property: alternate calendar popup (ALP_Area_CalendarLook)
  • Custom icon support extended to popups and HL triangles
  • Control over the selection mode after the first click in cell entry (ALP_Area_EntryFirstClickMode)
  • -Old “triangle” sort indicator over vertical scroll bar allowed

AreaList Pro is rock solid, feature requests are implemented in weeks and bugs if any usually last a few days.

AreaList Pro version 9.8 is a free upgrade from v9.0: existing v9.x licenses will activate version 9.8.

AreaList Pro v9.8 is now available for download, and here are the release notes.

AreaList Pro is published by e-node.