Works better then staring…

Or: You should read the manual

I don’t want to fingerpoint, so I cover the product name, but this post from a mailing list saved my weekend:

At the risk of sounding obvious, you might try searching the documentation, or looking at the index of commands. That usually works better than staring! And if those two techniques fail, then you can safely assume that the command does not exist natively in ??????, at which point you want to look at the documentation for the ‘execute in 4d’ command.


Learn: Never ask the master before reading the manual.  :))
Background: Asking a question which can be answered by the documentation.

I know (and use heavily) the product and this is the expected reaction of the master. Everyone of the “old” users are waiting for “new” users asking trivial questions and see such kinds of answers. The documentation is outstanding, several hundred of pages, covering all aspects.