4D v14 R3

News from Paris…

For its maintenance customers 4D has released a new “R”-release – to shorten the time till the next major release.

Some of the new features are:

  • Real-time monitoring offering greater details on server operations.
  • Instant database metrics to optimize the server performance.
  • Access to the list of locked records via a new command in the 4D language.
  • A pre-release version of 4D Server 64-bit for Mac OS, a taste of what’s coming in the future!

For most of the 4D developers, the preview of the 64bit Server for OSX 10.9 is interesting. More detailed informations are available in the 4D Forum (Login required). I don’t know why 4D is so shy talking in public about it (I can think about some, but….). There are nice new features.

How to get it? Easy. A 4D partner contract (Silver or Gold) or a maintenance contract for a 4D Server gives access. The download is available in the the 4D Store.