Active4D v6.1r7

Maintenance release with a small bug fix

Aparajita Fishman has just released the latest maintenance update for his superb “Active4D” plugin.

Just in case you don’t know it: it is (roughly, and a lot more) a 4D language interpreter for HTML pages. It allows to code inside HTML with the 4D syntax (like PHP), makes it a lot easier (and faster) then doing the same task with 4D’s build in HTML tags.
The developer version is free, licensing is based on the productive server(s).

Here are the changes for the current release v6.1r7:

Changed components:

  • Plugin
    Removed thread locks in logging to avoid a deadlock on exit.
  • Documentation
    Documentation for the Default Directory now correctly indicates that the path may fall back to the user’s directory if the system directory is not write able.

Download the update, demo and more (like ObjectTools) from Aparajita’s World.

…just in case you have longtime customers like me: You can get old versions of Active4D and NTK to even bring this joy to 4D 2004, 4D 2003 and older.