Need an adventurous job – there might be one…

4D is still trying to fill an open vacancy:

The TAM will have good interpersonal skills, in order to develop ongoing relationships with key customers and other members of 4D¹s global TAM team. Must have thorough 4D technical knowledge and excellent problem solving skills. The TAM may be asked to take a leadership role in critical customer support situations and to be a trusted advisor to 4D¹s product development team, representing the needs of 4D customers.

In other words, it’s “Technical Account Manager” 4D is searching for, as before. I like the last part “….representing the needs of 4D customers” – as a developer I feel someone is taking care for me. OTOH, I can’t remember when I was contacted last time – might be my fading memory.

There is more:

  • TAM Responsibilities:

    – Work closely with Director of Sales to plan, participate in, and
    follow-up on technical meetings with key accounts.
    – Meet with 4D customers via phone and on-site.
    – Provide written reports for each customer meeting.
    – Work closely with the internal technical support team, conducting
    trainings and assisting with escalated support issues.
    – Plan and deliver 4D Summit presentations, including keynotes.
    – Plan and conduct roadshow presentations.
    – Write Technical Notes for publication.
    – Represent 4D Inc. and US/Canadian customers in feature/roadmap
    meetings with 4D¹s product development team.
    – Active participation on the iNUG, 4D Forums and other technical
    mailing lists, providing quality responses.
    – Participate in internal meetings with TAM peers around the globe,
    led by Thomas Maul, VP of Strategy, 4D Product Line as executive
    sponsor of the 4D TAM program.
    – Travel is required for this position ­ domestic and
    possibly international.
    – Working from remote location may be considered.

Looks like a lot of paperwork and “hot potatoes”, as we say here. I like the part “Working from remote location…”, maybe instead of busy Silicon Valley something more rural, like Vichy – not such a bad option at all, and even the coffee is better and no fuss about smoking.

Feeling convinced? Fine! Drop 4D’s HR department a note. You will not regret it.

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  1. Reiner Kief says:

    Thinking about it. 🙂

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