SuperReport Pro v3.2

New major release, more new features, lots of fixes

Main new features in version 3.2:

  • The Developer Manual and the User Guide have been entirely redesigned
  • Table footers (including when printing AreaList Pro areas)
  • “Dash” style property for dotted lines (line pattern)
  • Many changes regarding Page setup (see release notes)
  • SR_GetObjectsByPropertyValue to get all object numbers having the specified property set to the specified value
  • SR_AbortPrinting to abort printing from a SuperReport Pro script
  • SRP_Report_Scale to scale the report independently from the printer driver – previous SRP_Report_Scale renamed to SRP_Report_Zoom
  • New Font selection dialogs/menus on MacOS
  • Support for getting the device name from the platform specific page/job setup
  • Multi-page reports design
  • Removed constants which are present in SRP Object Properties or SRP Style Properties from other themes
  • German localization
  • Support for reordering the objects (print order)
  • Improved 4D v14 support

See the SuperReport Pro v3.2 release notes for details:

SuperReport Pro v3.2 is a free upgrade from existing 3.x licenses.

SuperReport Pro v3.2 is now available: