Active4D v6.1r8 – Update

Scientific notations for numbers

Changed components:
– Plugin

  • Scientific notation can now be used for numbers.
  • JSON numbers are now correctly output and parsed with period as the decimal separator, regardless of the system locale.

What is Active4D?

A dynamic web scripting environment has four layers:

  1. a TCP communications layer
  2. an HTTP server layer
  3. a scripting layer
  4. a database layer

The HTTP server builds on top of the network layer, and the scripting layer builds on top of the HTTP server. The database is in a separate, independent layer.

Active4D is both an HTTP web server and a server-side HTML-embedded scripting language and development environment.

Here’s a simple example of what an Active4D page looks like:

  Here are 5 good reasons to use Active4D:
      for ($i; 1; 5)
        writebr("It rocks!")
      end for 

Note that the code is fully embedded in the page, and that except for the writebr command, which writes an expression to the HTML page, the embedded code is 4D code.

During execution, Active4D passes HTML through to the response, executes everything inside the <% %> tags, and spits out the following:

Here are 5 good reasons to use Active4D:

It rocks!<br />
It rocks!<br />
It rocks!<br />
It rocks!<br />
It rocks!<br />

The source code has been replaced with the output of the Active4D code. You can find out more about programming with Active4D in Chapter 7, “Interpreter.” – And there’s a lot more. The documentation is about 600 pages and there is an active community for questions.

Downlod the free developer version.