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After the summit – before x-mas : time to to check your plugins

AreaList Pro v9.8.1
Maintenance release from v9.8. Main new features in version 9.8:

  • Copy and Drag & Drop: the headers are copied, too
  • New plugin property: alternate calendar popup (ALP_Area_CalendarLook)
  • Custom icon support extended to popups and HL triangles
  • Control over the selection mode after the first click in cell entry (ALP_Area_EntryFirstClickMode)
  • Old “triangle” sort indicator over vertical scrollbar allowed Free upgrade from 9.x

Product site:

PrintList Pro 5.2.1
Maintenance release from v5.2

  • Mainly enhances 4D v14 compatibility
  • Free upgrade from 4.7 and above

Product site:

SuperReport Pro 3.2
Major release – free upgrade from 3.x
Main new features in version 3.2:

  • The Developer Manual and the User Guide have been entirely redesigned
  • Table footers (including when printing AreaList Pro areas)
  • “Dash” style property for dotted lines (line pattern)
  • Many changes regarding Page setup (see release notes)
  • SR_GetObjectsByPropertyValue to get all object numbers having the specified property set to the specified value
  • SR_AbortPrinting to abort printing from a SuperReport Pro script
  • SRP_Report_Scale to scale the report independently from the printer driver – previous SRP_Report_Scale renamed to SRP_Report_Zoo
  • New Font selection dialogs/menus on MacOS
  • Support for getting the device name from the platform specific page/job setup
  • Multi-page reports design
  • Removed constants which are present in SRP Object Properties or SRP Style Properties from other themes
  • German localization
  • Support for reordering the objects (print orde
  • Improved 4D v14 support

Product site:

CalendarSet v4 beta program
CalendarSet v4 is on its way!

This complete rewrite includes Unicode and v14 compatibility.

Please email us if you want to be part of the beta test program.