AreaList Pro v9.8.2 beta 3

New beta, new behavior

Before you plug(in) & play with the new beta, there is a little warning from the developers:

Since version 9.8 (precisely mc4), when ALP_Area_SelType is 0 (row selection), ALP_Area_SelMultiple is 1 and ALP_Area_HideHeaders is 0, the headers are copied, too. In order tmaintain backward compatibility with previous versions, a new property is available as of version 9.8.2 b3 in order tinclude headers: see ALP_Area_CopyOptions below

Version 9.8.2b3

New Area property category:
Area name: ALP_Area_CopyOptions
value: “ecop”
access: read, write,
persistent XML name: “copyOptions”
type: bool default: 0 (False)
usage: when set t1, include the headers in the copied / dragged data (but only when the headers are not hidden)

Fixed area hiding on page switching (bug introduced in 9.8.2b1)

Version 9.8.2b2

|format” is resolved when it is set, including text type styles (loading from advanced properties, loading from XML, setting the ALP_Column_Format property) text type formats will only access the styles available in the host database, not components

Version 9.8.2b1

Fixed Advanced Properties tcorrectly work with empty databases (ntables) Boolean entry (checkbox/radio) should always correctly handle keyboard on a Mac Areas should be correctly redrawn during drag and drop on Mac using pre-v14 4D versions Empty areas (ncolumns) dnot show active scrollbars (initial area size was 800 x 600) and should correctly draw the “empty column” header 4D v14 only: added support for SET OBJECT VISIBLE – nneed thide/show ALP manually (new 4D v14 feature) Fixed “missing data” when switching an area from fields tarrays and the area was vertically scrolled

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