WebTool for 4D: Lightning v3 – Available now

Lightning enters v3 – more advanced features

Lightning v3 is available now for you to develop robust, mission critical
web applications for both Desktop and Mobile devices based on a 4D back-end
– you continue to code your application logic in 4D without a major learning
curve for a web interface. Much of your existing code, if applicable, will
work just fine with Lightning.

Lightning can be used to develop anything from a light-weight internal web
application through to a commercial grade deliverable, there are no
boundaries, it is a fully fledged proven, secure and reliable product.

Also, the licensing is straightforward, you purchase a single license and it
can be used for any number of projects with multiple developers. Buy once,
use anywhere, without restrictions.

Here are some of the new features;

  • New Desktop UI based on jQuery UI
  • Enterable List Forms
  • Tabs Editor – you can now code the main tabs and create multiple tabs for
    the same table publishing unique forms etc.
  • Tabbed interfaces for Detail Forms
  • New Component Methods
  • New Tags
  • Enhanced NTK Web Server which can now completely replace 4D Web Server for
    all purposes
  • Faster response times/Faster architecture
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements since v2