Activity – 4D Progress Component

Jeff Grann publishes an OpenSource Component for 4D

Just finished a progress indicator component for a project we are working on and wanted to share it with the 4D community. It is based on a web area. Therefore it can be used within a form being displayed in the same process in which the processing is taking place. It is free and open source with the MIT license.

From the documentation:

Activity is a 4D v14 component which provides thermometer/barber pole progress indicators that are animated while executing code in the same process. It allows the developer to customize many aspects of its display objects (including colors, fonts, etc.), display and change text messages displayed along with the progress indicator, enable or disable an associated cancel button and determine if the user has clicked the cancel button. The developer can freely switch between a thermometer and barber pole during complex processing. In addition, multiple progress indicators can appear within the same form, each with their own characteristics.




Jeff Grann
SuccessWare, Inc.