FootRunner Gold v14.0.1 available

External 4D Interpreter got a small bug fix

Footprints, Inc. has just released an update to FootRunner Gold, v14.0.1, that we trust will resolve the License Error issue some folks have reported.

With FootRunner Gold, the possible uses are limitless. You can:

  • quickly customize the behavior of your 4D application without a complete new build
  • activate dynamic code execution to facilitate remote diagnosis
  • patch methods to change their behavior
  • implement customer-specific coding in a generic application code base
  • adapt interfaces with user-customized forms and form handling
  • web scripting with 4D code
  • apply automatic code updates

and so much more!

In short:
Write your 4D code into a text file, load it into your application and execute it.
Why you would do this? Easy. Your bugs are the reason. Gives the developer a neat tool to fix this nasty little bug with a patch. OK. It requires some foresight, methods need to be capsuled, but once it’s done, it’s simply great.

You can go to our web site at to download this latest version. Please let us know if it resolves the problem for you or not, by emailing us at:

frbugs < a t > feets < d o t > com

Scott Gelvin
Footprints, Inc.
4D specialists since 1987