Xojo 2015.1.0 available

News & Changes

Xojo, the fromer RealBASIC, just got its first release for 2015, the complete release note is on the Xojo website.

New Items

  • Compiler: Added a TargetARM constant that is set to true when building for ARM devices.
  • Compiler: The ‘StructureAlignment’ attribute on a structure can now be set to 0, which indicates that the compiler should perform natural alignment. Natural alignment ensures that the structure will be laid out correctly for a given platform’s ABI rules.
  • IDE: Added a new preference for controlling whether searches and filtering happen immediately or wait until enter/return are pressed.
  • IDE: Added support for 1024 x 1024 icon size.


  • All: Added Parse function to Integer, Double, and Single. This function acts more like Val/CDbl did, in that it’s more lenient at parsing and will not raise exceptions.
    Compiler: TargetHasGUI, TargetPPC, TargetPowerPC, TargetMacOSClassic, and Target68K have formally be marked as deprecated.
  • Compiler: The compiler now preserves type information better when dealing with “Integer” and “UInteger”. As such, error messages will reflect what the user types instead of “Int32” or “UInt32”.
  • IDE: Added Icons for autocomplete purposes for Auto, Text and Ptr.
  • IDE: Auto-layout baselines guides now result in baseline constraints.
  • IDE: Auto-layout baselines guides now result in baseline constraints.
  • IDE: Certain deprecated items have been removed from file formats and print outs of projects.
  • IDE: Debugger Viewer now is labelled with “View as “ instead of “view”.
  • IDE: It is possible to paste multiline text into the constant editor listbox on Windows and Linux (it already worked on OS X).
  • IDE: Revised project printing to not repeat the note name, group things better and add in delegates and using clauses.
  • IDE: The Debugger shows headers for 1D arrays as Row and Value. For 2D arrays it shows row, column and value. For a 2D array sorting by rows puts data in Row / Column order.
  • IDE: The picture in the debugger view now scrolls as you move the mouse wheel.
  • IDE: There is now a Project Controls section in the Library for iOS projects.
  • IDE: Trying to place an instance of a Container Control or EmbeddedWindowControl directly on a window is not permitted. You can no longer drag out a control, like a canvas, change its super to Container Control or EmbeddedWindowControl.
  • IDE: Updated structures to support natural alignment. This means now you can set the StructureAlignment attribute to 0 to use natural alignment.
  • IDE: Viewing a window in the debugger shows “Controls” instead of “Contents” in the debugger.
  • IDE: When you use Run Paused, the Resume toolbar item, resume menu item and pause items will be disabled until such time the app to be debugged has been started and communicated with the IDE.
  • OS X: ICNS files written use up to date internal image formats (PNGs instead of JPEG 2000) and only use currently documented formats.
  • PluginSDK: Updated Plugins SDK with new function to handle the Text datatype. Please review the Plugins SDK for details.
  • SQLiteDatabase: Updated to SQLite 3.8.8.
  • Web: Removed the “Xojo HTTP Server” header from the list of headers returned for a standalone web app.
  • Web: Updated standalone HTTP response headers to more closely match existing behavior.
  • Web: Web Apps no longer request that ChromeFrame be activated if it’s installed on the user’s computer.