AreaList Pro 9.8.2b7

64bit Support for ALpro Registration  on OSX 64bit 4D Server

AreaList Pro v9.8.2 beta 7 is now available:

Version 9.8.2 b7

  •  Support for 64-bit 4D Server on Mac (only useful for registration purposes, AreaList Pro is not meant to be used on a server)
  •  Added missing constants ALP_Area_TopRow & ALP_Area_BottomRow
  •  Fixed bug in D&D handling (introduced in 9.8.2b6)
  •  Added workaround for empty menu items in popups:
    o when the text is the empty string, single space is used as menu text and Char(0x7f) isused as menu parameter
    o when the menu is provided by the developer, Char(0x7f) passed as menu parameter means that it will assign the empty string

Bugs in 4D which might bother you while developing:

The following 4D bugs may affect AreaList Pro’s behavior. Please check with 4D support in case you experiment any issues:

ACI0088693 / ACI0089219: No “keydown” works in plugin areas

  • v14 R2 & R3 MacOS and Windows
    the result is (amongst others) that the TAB and arrow keys don’t work in AreaList Pro (or any plugin area)
  • don’t use R2 or R3, use the “Release” versions or later R versions (R4 + are reported as OK)

ACI0087433: 4D freezes when opening a dialog window during update

  • do not TRACE or display alerts on drag and drop or event callbacks