GridTool AreaList Pro v9.9 released

Main new features in version 9.9

  • Support of the new e-Node Online registration system: this optional registration removes the need to retrieve the serial information or machine ID from the end user setup
  • New properties to return the row numbers of the first and visible rows on screen
  • New property to optionally include the headers in the copied / dragged data (when headers are not hidden)
  • NS key during entry on Windows is routed to 4D (e.g. as a shortcut to a button on the layout)
  • Named formats are supported: “|format” is resolved when it is set, including text type styles
  • Added support for SET OBJECT VISIBLE in v14: no need to manually hide/show the plugin area
  • Various bugs and v14 related issues were fixed
  • Enhancement of the time picker popup

Download AreaList Pro v9.9
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