enode: AreaList v9.9.1 beta 1

Fixes and new stuff

  • –  On type-ahead, the area should be correctly redrawn (sometimes it did not update, only changed the vertical scrollbar position)
  •  New Area property to “keep selection on type-ahead”

    o   category: Area
    o   name: ALP_Area_SelKeepOnTypeAhead
    o   value: “selT”
    o   access: read/write, but not persistent
    o   type: boolean
    o   default: 0 (False)
    o   usage: set to 1 (True) to get the old AreaList Pro 8 behavior: on type-ahead, the selection is not changed when selection mode is multiple rows selection and the current selection is not empty – only the view is scrolled to show the first matching row

  • Modified  SuperReport Pro report generation (AL_SuperReport):
    when options (parameter 3) bit 0 is 0, the current column width (ALP_Object_ColumnWidth) is used instead of the width set by developer, or by the user resizing columns (ALP_Object_ColumnWidthUser)

For beta-testing and bug reports, please use AreaList Pro forum.