Job Wallet – productivity component for 4D

Launch of 4D Job Wallet – a brand new tool for 4D developers announces the launch of 4D Job Wallet – a brand new commercial productivity component for 4D developers which is designed to turn method browsing into a breeze, code sharing into a snap and complexity management into fun.

Watch the promo video, see screenshots and download a full demo here to discover another dimension to code management !

What is it ?

4D Job Wallet introduces 5 major new features to augment v13 and v14’s already extensive design environment:

[1] an enhanced alternative 4D method browser supporting project, form and object methods, hierarchically grouped views, flat views, filtering by method name or date, and “Find in Design” type content searches

[2] the 4D Job Wallet itself – a powerful new way to work with your methods that lets you to create multiple, hierarchical “mini method lists” for each functional aspect of the structure. Simply drop methods from the main list into the wallet, reproduce commonly accessed calls (such as inits) in multiple wallets and model call chains to “mind map” your code so it appears just the way you think about it. Explore calls and callers, group code in way that suits a specific functional perspective – even nest methods inside each other to express dependencies !

[3] an external code library creator/manager. Create desktop text-based code libraries from the wallet content fully supported by a native diffing editor for re-import, inventory meta data, build history and management, import/export audit log and wallet “syncing” feature between structures

[4] a coding productivity editor which supports semi-automated method cloning to lever existing code modules as templates for new ones

[5] a bundle of “stocking filler” utilities including unused method list, wallet-specific coding notes writer, ‘missing tables’ interface, desktop paths browser and comprehensive structure meta-property dump

Price Promotion and Ordering

4D Job Wallet costs only 90 € (+VAT if you’re in the EU) per developer copy of 4D (linked to serial number) but will be available at the promotional price of 44 € until June 21st.

Once ordered, you’ll have your license key in minutes as this process is fully automated. Your order confirmation email will direct you to the licensing page which will issue a serial key against your order and GET SERIAL INFORMATION number. Meanwhile you can use 4D Job Wallet for as long as you like in demo mode with just a relaunch every 15 minutes (no need to restart 4D).

Note: Licenses are version-specific. To install 4D Job Wallet in both v13 developer and v14 you need 2 distinct licenses. If you wish to purchase a licence, please check you’ve identified the right version.


A fully illustrated manual accompanies the installation package from version 1.0 of 4D Job Wallet, however if you’re allergic to manuals or need to save time, the instructional video at the link above demonstrates all the basic functions.

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