OpenRoadDevelopment: Code Analysis Componet for 4D v1.7.1

More localization and improved index analysis

Dani Beaubin has released an update of the Code Analysis component. He has continued on with the work for localization. Parts of the component have been converted to support french as well as english.

Dani has also improved the index analysis to give a % of unique values for each index. That will help when developers like you want to optimize the type of index that is used for each field.

Please feel free to drop Dani a note on suggestions and feature requests. He does plan to do some more tweaks and add new features in the future.

…and show some mercy, the screen shots on his website are not updated (yet).


Go to to get more information and download the component.


– The preferences dialog now has French localized strings.
– Converted all the buttons on the main window to use localized strings. Currently English and French are supported.

Code Analysis Window
– Modified the tab control to a two-tier tab control to ensure that the tabs will always appear uncollapsed on the screen.
– Added short cuts to the tab navigation. Cmd/Ctrl 1/2/3 will change the main tab. Cmd/Crtl left/right will navigate the 2nd level tab.

Code Analysis Window: Complexity Analysis
– Updated the graphs that appear when using the “View Graphs” button to be a bar graph. The information is grouped to present the information in a more meaningful way.

Code Analysis Window: Index Analysis
– Updated the Index Type column to show the type of index that the field has been configured to.
– Added a new column called “% Unique” that gives the percentage of the values in that field that are unique. This can be used to determine the optimal index type to set the field to be.

Method DIFF Window
– Enhanced how the method difference appear in when showing the differences vertically. In the situation where there is a single line change, the actual text changes in the line will be coloured in the change colour to allow you to see the specific change. Multi-line changes and single line additions/removals do not have any additional highlighting than the background colour.

Code Analysis Window: Method Export
– Fixed sorting issue that could cause the exported methods as HTML to be grouped randomly and out of alphabetical order.

Get in contact with Dani Beaubien.