ToolKit v4.0b4 – Supports UniCode, 4D v14 + v15 and is (mostly) free

eNode releases a new beta

Internet ToolKit has been completely rewritten. ITK v4.0 beta 4 is now available.

This new version is compatible with 4D v14 and v15. It is full Unicode, which means that it can work with Unicode text passed to and from 4D. This change affects all ITK commands that deal with text. In previous versions the maximum length of text that could be passed to or from ITK was 32000 characters. Now the maximum length than can be passed to and from 4D is 2GB, however, if the text is going to be converted to UTF-8 within an ITK command (by using the kITKConvertToUTF8 filter), the effective limit is 682MB.

Due to this mode some of your code may need to be adjusted. See the ITK_v4_changes documentt

Please report any issues to the Plugins (general) forum.

ITK v4 is a free upgrade from all previous versions. It requires 4D v14 or above.

All registered users and e-Node Partner subscribers can request a license key through the usual channels . A temporary key will also be supplied to any developer wishing to test ITK v4.

Estimated release September 2015.

Best regards,
The Internet ToolKit v4 team