Job Wallet v1.1 available – Code base management for 4D announces the launch of 4D Job Wallet for 4D Team Developer – a multi-user upgrade to the powerful code management tool supporting multi-aliased views of the codebase in a 4D structure.

jobwalletAuthentic Group Capability

Version 1.1 of the component introduces new group functionality including shared wallets which support realtime read-write access for Team Developer users as well as centralised storage for data assets such as code views, logs and notes. There is also a brand new documentation chapter dedicated to use with 4D Team Developer.

  • Visit the Team Developer-specific features page for more information
  • Visit the 4D Job Wallet home page for background on 4D Job Wallet including a video presentation of the component in use
  • Visit the downloads page to test drive it or just download the manual
  • Visit the web shop to purchase a discount Team Developer license till 31st January and get your automated serial delivery in seconds
  • Visit the licensing page to redeem your licenses and expansion packs after purchase

Other New Features in this Release

Several other minor feature enhancements are bundled with version 1.1 including:

  • New Import Feature for the 4D Home Folder 4D Job Wallet can now scan your home folder and import your method hierarchy to the component’s explorer.
  • Support for Spaces in Method Names Method calls and callers dependency parsing now optionally supports spaces in method names.
  • Decentralised Keys Wallets now incorporate a new decentralised ID regime using UUIDS and can be created on either client or server while being compatible with both environments.
  • New Contextual Menus New contextual menus have been added for easy access and some new functionality added to existing menus.
  • New Wallet Cloning feature Code wallets can now serve as templates for other code views using the new Clone Locally feature on the wallet list contextual menu.
  • Enhanced International Compatability The snapshot feature now uses a custom non-denominated language mode for compatability with non-English versions of 4D.
  • Revision of Tokenisation and Parsing Logic Version 1.1 contains a substantial rewrite of method tokenisation and dependency parsing logic which greatly improves efficiency and network awareness.
  • New License Manager Licenses can now be updated on demand and expansion packs added for network use using a new manager feature found in the 4D Job Wallet menu.

Price Promotion and Ordering

Launch Promotion Till 31st JanuaryThe 4D Job Wallet team Developer component is available at up to 50% launch discount till the end of January and v13 is now free with v14. Visit the shop for full details.

Note: Licenses are version-specific. To install 4D Job Wallet in both v13 developer and v14 you need 2 distinct licenses.

Test Drive the Demo

The downloadable demo is a fully working copy which will run for 15 minutes between relaunches. License dispensement is fully automated – your order confirmation email will direct you to the licensing page which will directly issue a serial key against your order and 4D serial number.

4D Version 15 Support

For users awaiting the v15 version: This was delayed pending the completion of Team Developer support but is now a priority and will be available very shortly. On release, this version will also be subject to a launch promotion.

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