Monthly Archives: September 2018

4D v17.0 Hotfix 2 released – fights a crash and more

Today 4D has released the latest version of the current flagship: 4D v17.0 Hotfix 2 (build 226804). A list of 8 fixed bugs can be viewed on 4D’s website..

The most critical one is a server crash when running in 64bit mode on a Mac – and no fun for developers: it’s random. Happy debugging with this one. But it is fixed now.

Beside the fixes, the Xerces lib has been upgraded to v3.2.1.

The update is available for developers with  a partner contract – all others have to contact their developer or wait for 4D v17.1

hmTapi 5.0 | call & receive calls directly in 4D

heubach media has released a new version of ‘hmTapi‘. It allows you (on Windows only) to control your phone from within 4D.

The plugin directly access to the Microsoft Windows TAPI interface. That means that you need only a TAPI capable phone to dial from your application. hmTAPI also indicates incoming calls and so you have the possibility to show the right contact direct out of your database.

Prices start from 117,81 € (net: 99 €) for a developer, 355,81€ (net: 299 €) for a single server and 950,81 € (net: 799 €) for an unlimited version.

Prices include the 19% VAT.
Net prices are for customers outside the EU and business customers inside the EU with a valid VAT-ID.