DATAform InDesign CS5 QuarkXPress 9

Kataloge mit DATAform, QuarkXPress und InDesign

Regensburg, Mai 2011
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DATAformPlugin 7 für InDesign CS5

Das neue DATAformPlugin, jetzt für InDesign CS5, liegt im Netz.
Das neue DATAformPlugin 700(14) für Mac und Windows kann hier geladen werden:

Preisliste und Bestellformular finden Sie hier:

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JobOrder – The Ultimate Shell


New programming shell for 4D

When discussing software shells, the common definition is that a programming shell “does nothing, but it does it very well”.  We are pleased to offer a unique alternative, a programming shell that “does almost everything crucial to managing project-based organizations and does those things very well”.

For the past 15 years we have been developing JobOrder, our 4D OEM Vertical Market Application.  JobOrder software manages planning, estimating, scheduling, billing, accounting, analyzing and reporting for project-based organizations.  Because we deal with a wide range of industries, such as Advertising, Architecture, Construction, Consulting, Design, Engineering, and Job Shops, JobOrder has been optimized to allow the straightforward addition of new tables, views, and reports.

Recently we have realized that our code may be useful to other 4D developers who want to tackle large projects but don’t have the required time or staff to program. But, if you begin your project with the JobOrder source code already polished and ready to run in 4D v12.1, you can give your customers far greater value than by programming from scratch.
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