Wakanda Developer Preview 2

Wakanda Dancer

In Wakanda DP2, a few experimental features are accessible; however, they have not yet been finalized. Retro-compatibility is not assured because these features may be removed or modified without warning, but some of them will be integrated in a future release. The experimental features are the following: add-on management, mobile (tablet and smartphone) platform support, remote server debugging, MySQL connector and Email modules, the widget API, optimized widgets for mobile devices, as well as a few widgets (Chart, Tree View, Google Map, Yahoo! Weather, and Google Chart).
For more see Wakanda.org

Brendan C. reloaded

Brendan Coveney

Brendan Conveney disappeared suddenly (for most of us) and made now an interesting reappearance. You wouldn’t have guessed it – with a french company and a branch in California. Old habits die hard.
Looks like Brendan made a smart move to a company with a modern distribution model: The software is free and open source. Their business model is based on selling support and maintenance.
The company is nuxeo, a Paris based company.

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