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Win32API v5 – for 4D Server 64bit

Orchard SoftwareWin32API version 5.0 is now available



Win32API is free and open-source. The source code for the plug-in is included with every download.

What’s new:

  • Version 5 is for 4D v11/v12 only.
  • Version 5 is rewritten using the latest plug-in API from 4D.
  • Version 5 is 64-bit compatible for 4D Server v12.

Older versions of the plug-in are still available on our web site if you need to target 4D 2004 or earlier.

Jeffrey Kain
Orchard Software Corporation

node releases 4D PDF Mailer/Printer Plugin v. 3.1.3

node GmbH

node GmbH

node Systemloesungen located in Berlin Germany releases an update for the 4D PDF Printer/Mailer 4D plugin

To download go to

Main features: bundle Plugin, 64Bit systems, both pdf v3 and v4 driver support, smaller pdf files

Change log Version 3.1.3:

  • updated nodexchange.dll
  • updated nodeoutlook.dll
  • fixes issues with password protected pdf files
  • 4Dv12 demo database
  • updated pdf printer driver v4.0 build 194
  • some minor bug fixes

4D PDF Plugin with optional Royalty Free pdf printer driver.
Just print your documents directly from 4D Windows to get very small colorful pdf files with activated hyperlinks, optional bookmarks and letter form watermarks.

System requirements:

  • 4D Engine/Mono/Server/Client 6.8.6/2003.8/2004.8/v11.8/v12.x
  • Windows 32Bit and 64Bit Systems only (Win2K/WinXP/Win2003/Vista/Win7/Win2008)
  • Sorry no Mac OS or OSX

4D PDF Printer/Mailer 4D plugin

What will you get:

  • 4D plugin (win4dx and bundle, win only with Mac stubs)
  • 4D sample database
  • Serial to unlock the plugin
  • PDF X-Change printer driver with silent install, to integrate within your installer (this is a commercial best selling, rock solid pdf printer driver, more informations
    The distribution of the X-Change printer driver is Royalty Free within your compiled enduser application. (The light version of the plugin does not include the pdf printer license)
  • the PDF X-Change printer driver works only called from the 4D Plugin, otherwise it works in demo mode. (If you buy the light version, the pdf driver always works in demo mode until you have unlocked the driver with a separatly purchased serial from docu-track, then the driver suppresses the demo stamps).

Short feature list:
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Python For 4D : Beta 0.9.0

Python For 4D is a 4D (4th Dimension) plugin which enable use of python inside 4D. It’s require that Python 2.7 is installed on the host machine and support currently only Windows (Python 2.7 is available at

The current version is an beta release version and is limited to 10 call at each launch of a database.

Python For 4D is actually only compatible with Windows 4D V11 SQL, and Windows 4D V12. If necessary, version for 4D 2003 and 4D 2004 can be produce on demand.

Python For 4D is actually in heavy development and API is subject to change in future.

For more informations : <>